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Lakeside Residential Home
Lower Maddaford
EX20 4NL

Tel/Fax: 01837 52078

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Mr. Roger Langbridge, Mrs. Joyce Langbridge, Mr. Ian Langbridge

Registered Manager
Miss Louise Waldron

It is the company's aim to exceed the minimum standard of 50% of care staff with NVQ Level 2. All new staff receive induction training, which will be completed within a six week period. Catering and Domestic staff will be fully trained and hold the relevant certificates for their post.

Lakeside Residential Home

Lakeside is an established residential home for the elderly. It is situated a few miles from Okehampton Devon. Lakeside offers extensive views over the surrounding grounds, which includes lawns, flowerbeds and lakes. Lakeside has been rated Excellent. CQC information can be viewed on CQC web site at

The lakes are surrounded by natural meadows and woodland, which are home to some of Devon’s rare and most beautiful flora and fauna.

All this is set in glorious rolling countryside and has far-reaching views, with Dartmoor National Park as a majestic backdrop.

The Purpose of Lakeside Residential Home

Our Aim

Is to provide a pleasant haven, for up to 29 service users, in a relaxed, homely and safe environment, for people who have reached a stage in their lives when they need support.
21 bedrooms are situated on the ground floor, a passenger lift with wheelchair access is provided to 4 rooms on the first floor, and a further 4 rooms have access via a stair lift.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a home for life, as long as our registration criteria can be met.
  • To provide this according to individual requirements, always ensuring that independence, privacy and dignity are respected and promoted at all times.
  • Lakeside is registered to cater for older people, over the age of 65 (Not dementia or nursing).
  • Provide help with personal care 24-hour a day by trained staff
  • Assist, support and promote service users’ own capacity for self care.
  • The home will maintain personal and oral hygiene in consultation with professional help when required.
  • Any other specialist medical and therapeutic services and care from hospitals, community health services will be sought according to need.

Building and Grounds


The building provides 21 ground-floor rooms with an addition 4 rooms on the first floor, a passenger lift is provided to help access and a further 4 rooms have access via a stair lift. All rooms are individual and service users will be assessed and matched with a room that suits their needs. Regular reviews of care plans and service user needs will take place to make sure all rooms remain suitable.

Room 1 has a beautiful outlook over Dartmoor with an en-suite bathroom (15.48sqm)

Room 2 has a beautiful outlook over Dartmoor with an en-suite shower room (12.11sqm)

Room 3 has its own lounge separate en-suite shower room (25.45sqm)

Room 4 has outlooks towards Devon countryside with en-suite bathroom (10.47)

Room 5 has a beautiful outlook over Dartmoor with an en-suite bathroom situated near the communal areas (12.25sqm).

Room 6 has a beautiful outlook over Dartmoor with an en-suite bathroom situated near the garden entrance (14.58sqm).

Room 7 with en-suite bathroom (12.96sqm).

Room 8 a good size room with en-suite bathroom (15.02sqm).

Room 9 a good size room with en-suite bathroom (15.05sqm).

Room 10 a spacious room with en-suite shower room (18.06sqm).

Room 11 a good size room with en-suite bathroom (15.58sqm).

Room 12 with en-suite shower room situated near the communal areas (13.1sqm).

Room 14 with en-suite shower room situated near the communal areas (14.27sqm).

Room 15 is a spacious room with an en-suite bathroom for the active elderly with patio doors onto a small patio area. It is situated near the communal areas (21.5sqm).

Room 16 is a spacious room with an en-suite bathroom for the active elderly with patio doors onto a small patio area (20.68sqm).

Room 17 with en-suite Bathroom (14.19sqm)

Room 18 with en-suite Bathroom (14.3sqm)

Room 19 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite bathroom (13.7sqm)

Room 20 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite bathroom (13.8sqm)

Room 21 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite bathroom (13.68sqm)

Room 22 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite shower room (13.76sqm)

Room 23 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite shower room (13.68sqm)

Room 24 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite shower room (13.77sqm).

Room 25 has lovely views over the surrounding lakes with en-suite shower room (13.66sqm).

Room 26 has a balcony with lovely views towards the lakes with en-suite shower (13.28sqm).

Room 27 has a balcony with lovely views towards the lakes with en-suite shower (14.41sqm).

Room 28 has a balcony with views towards the fields with en-suite shower (12.03sqm).

Room 29 has a balcony with views towards the fields with en-suite shower (12.08sqm).

Sunrise has lovely views overlooking Dartmoor with en-suite wet room (14.2sqm).

Communal Rooms

Lakeside has 4 large lounge areas providing plenty of space and 1 small lounge area for quiet activities

  • Enjoy the company of other service users
  • Entertain guest
  • Take pleasure in looking at the spectacular views
  • Join in activities
  • Sitting quietly to read
  • Use the internet
  • Watching television
  • Enjoy entertainment (singers, film shows, etc)

The Cinema Room (39sqm) provides seating and recreational space; The Lake Room (49sqm) provides seating, with views over the lake with access onto a patio area. The study (30sqm) provides an area for quiet pursuits, such as reading and Internet access. The Fountain Room (35sqm) provides seating over-looking a water fountain and beautiful views towards Dartmoor Nation Park and the surrounding countryside.
The spacious Dining Room (47sqm) provides seating for all service users to get together and socialise during mealtimes. It is ideally situated off of the four large lounge areas.


There are no strict mealtimes, but our suggested times are as follows:

Breakfast – in bedroom on tray or served in dining area……………………….8:00 – 10:30 am
Mid-morning drinks……………………………………………………...………….11:00 am
Lunch…………………………………………………………………………………1:00 pm
Afternoon Tea………………………………………………………………………..3:00 pm
Supper………………………………………………………………………………...5:30 pm
Evening drink & snack……………………………………………………………….8:00 pm

Service users are encouraged to have meals in the dinning room and socialise with other service users. Alternatively service users can have meals in their room, also a dining table is provided in the Fountain room for service users to enjoy meals with their visitors.


Lakeside is a unique home with lakes and beautiful views, in our assessment before admission this has to be taken into account, as the lakes can be seen as a risk factor for some service users. The lakes have been fenced so no service user can access them without being accompanied by a member of staff. 

Unplanned admissions will be avoided; all potential service users will have a home visit and assessment prior to admission. The assessment will take into account the care needs of the service user and if there are any risks due to the location of the home. They will be invited to visit the home before they make a decision, and having made the decision to make Lakeside their home, will begin a 4-week trial period.


The right of a service user to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish. We understand that living in a communal setting can sometimes be difficult and service users don’t always want to be involved with activities etc, so we aim to provide quiet areas within the home.

We will respect service users choices if they would like to stay in their own room rather than socialise with other service users. We will also provide a private area for consultation with health professionals or solicitors ect.


The understanding of the service user’s needs and treating them with respect. Understanding the individual needs of the person and the routines they like to follow in their daily life. Staff will show service users respect at all times, making sure the service users maintain their dignity with particular regards to personal care-giving.


Allowing a service user to take calculated risks, and to make their own decisions. Helping the service users to maintain independence by affording them the time to carry out their daily routines without interruption from staff, unless they require assistance.
Service users are encouraged to be as independent as possible but situations will be assessed and assistance offered when needed.


Giving service users the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of options. Service users are encouraged to be involved in all decisions regarding their care, accommodation, the way the home operates by the set up of a service users committee. One member of the committee will be invited to attend interviews for potential employees.


Enabling the service user to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily life. We will make sure a variety of activities are provided to suit all service users. Regular meetings with service users will be held so they can put forward suggestions to help them fulfil their goals.

Going Out and Social Activities

Service users at Lakeside can enjoy an array of social activities and games within the home, for example film-nights, quizzes, bingo, card evenings, and painting workshops.

Service users are free to come and go as they please, however we request they inform staff when they leave and when they expect to return.

As well as the activities Lakeside will provide trips out on a regular basis with our own disabled access mini bus. These will include pub lunches, to the coast, local towns and theatre trips.

Doctors, Dentists and Opticians

Service users wishing to use these services can be transported by Lakeside if other transport is unavailable, this service is provided for no extra charge for local surgeries. Transport further a field will be charged at cost. Alternatively, we can arrange for visits to be made to service users in the home.

Religious Activities

Service users may attend religious services either within or outside the home, as they so desire. If services are outside the home, the service user should, if necessary and where possible, arrange for transport and accompaniment of friends or relatives. In the event of this not being possible, care staff may accompany service users on specific occasions if staffing levels permit. Service users have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. If required, a private room will be available for such meetings.


If required, in addition to newspapers provided by the home, service users are welcome to order publications, which can then be delivered to their rooms daily. Service users will be charged for publications they order.

Bed Linen and Towels

Lakeside provides and launders all bed linen and towels.


Lakeside provides an inclusive laundry service for service users’ personal garments. It will be necessary to discreetly mark clothing for identification purposes.

Cleaning of Rooms

A full service is provided for all rooms. Domestic staff will do this at a time that does not disrupt the service users daily routine.


We acknowledge that many people have pets for company, and that they wish to bring their pet with them when they move. However, the management has a responsibility to all service users and staff in the home, therefore all applications to bring a pet into the home will be assessed and decided by the manager.


In the interest of health and safety, Lakeside operates a No Smoking Policy within the building. There are designated smoking areas in the grounds and on service users’ patio areas.


All bedrooms have radiators, which have thermostat controls on them to be able to regulate the heat. Service users are requested to ask a member of staff if the thermostat needs adjusting.


The bedrooms are furnished by Lakeside. However service users are welcome to bring some furniture if they wish providing it complies to the fire regulations with the agreement of the management. Any electrical items brought into the home will need to be Pat Tested by our contracted electrician to ensure that they are safe there will be a charge at cost for this service.


Service users are issued with keys to their room and are responsible for their safe custody.
All rooms are lockable but access can be obtained in case of emergency.

Postal Service

We provide a service for outgoing mail. Incoming mail will be delivered to each service user’s room.


Service users’ family and friends are encouraged to visit regularly, and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible. Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times, and are asked to let the person in charge know of their arrival and departure from the home. For security and fire safety reasons, visitors must sign the visitor’s book on each occasion.

The service user has the right to refuse to see any visitor, and this right will be respected and upheld by the person in charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitor of the service user’s wishes.

In the event of an outbreak of infectious disease or illness, no visitors will be allowed until the appropriate authorities have given the all clear.


We acknowledge that Lakeside is the home of the service users and we encourage them to be a part of the decision process involved in any changes. Regular meetings are held to obtain the views of all service users, on a wide range of subjects.

Care Plans

To enable us to identify the needs of a new service user, a personal care plan will be completed. The care plan will be reviewed regularly.


Lakeside offers a range of activities to help service users stay healthy for example accompanied walks around the grounds, exercise sessions and trips out.

On Arrival

The manager or senior staff member will greet a new service user, issue their key and show them to their room. Service users will receive information regarding the location of fire escape routes, lounges, dining room and daily routines. We will ensure that any new service user is introduced to staff and other service users at the first opportunity, and made welcome.

Equal Opportunities

Lakeside has an equal opportunities policy. In carrying out all of our activities we try to ensure that there is no discrimination or unfairness to any job applicant, employee, volunteer worker, service user or contractor for reasons such as age, health, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, status, ethnic origin, disability or political, cultural or religious beliefs.

Key Worker / Care Worker

A new service user will be allocated a personal key worker, who will be responsible for looking after their well being.

Insurance and Valuables

Service users are recommended to take out insurance for their personal belongings.

Safety and Support Systems

Call units are located in all bedrooms and bathrooms to enable service users to summon help or assistance. Staff are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to calls.

Emergency Alarm System

The building is fitted with smoke detectors, alarms and emergency lighting that are tested regularly. All staff receive regular fire training, so that they are able to respond to any emergency situation. All new service users will be informed of fire procedures, and the evacuation information is printed in the Service User’s Guide.

Missing Persons

Should a service user go missing, we will contact their representative to see if they know of their whereabouts. If appropriate we will inform the authorities to instigate a search.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We strongly advise service users make a will and notify us as to where it is kept, so that we can include the information in their personal records. We would also recommend the nomination of a representative holding lasting power of attorney, who could look after their affairs, should they become incapacitated.


In the unfortunate event of bereavement, the family can expect every support and consolation from the staff.
Whereas the Next of Kin usually makes funeral arrangements, the staff can be relied upon to assist and explain what is required. Where there is no Next of Kin, the proprietors will make sure the necessary arrangements will be made. For these reasons it is important that, on admission, a new service user’s wishes and any Advance Decisions and Powers of Attorney are recorded.


Lakeside will quote an inclusive weekly charge covering accommodation, food, care, heating, facilities and some outings. Payment is required in advance, by standing order each calendar month. Charges are reviewed annually, taking into account inflation and special requirements.

Holidays / Absences

Lakeside will credit an amount of 10% of the standard weekly fee for each whole week (7 days) that a service user is away.

Help With Payments

For service users with limited finances, Social Services may assist towards charges. This will be investigated and agreed before service users take up occupation.

Registrations and Inspections

Lakeside is registered with C.Q.C. They make periodic and unannounced visits to the home, and produce a written report. Service users, relatives and representatives can request access to the reports at any time.

Contractual / Financial Matters

Terms of Residence – These describe the services offered by Lakeside, plus charges and house rules.

The Residency Contract – This is a formal signed agreement between Lakeside and the service user accepting the Terms of Residence.

Termination of Residency and Limits of Care

Lakeside is registered as a residential care home and is limited to providing what is called personal care. Therefore we cannot provide technical nursing or dementia care. However we aim to provide a home for life as long as our registration criteria can be achieved. In the event of a service users health deteriorating to the extent that the care the home provides, is no longer suitable an in-depth assessment will be made by all professionals concerned i.e. Registered Manager G.P, D.N etc before any decisions are made. If for any reason we are unable to continue to provide accommodation due to service users change of health we are obliged under our registration to give the service user one month’s notice. No notice will be actioned without full consultation with the service user, relatives or representative, and support will be given in finding alternative accommodation. Lakeside normally requires a month’s notice or payment in lieu should a service user decide to leave. However, this may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

Suggestions / Complaints

A suggestion box is available for service users to make suggestions on the service at Lakeside and we welcome any comments on how to improve our service at Lakeside.
Service users are welcome to approach the manager on any matter. Should they feel dissatisfied with the conclusion offered, they are welcome to refer the issue to the proprietor. All service users have the right to approach the Care Quality Commission.

Contacting the Care Quality Commission
The Care Quality Commission
Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA
Tel: 03000 616161


Our residents come from all over Devon, Dorset and Cornwall including Okehampton, Exeter, Crediton, Launceston, Tavistock, Exmouth, Dawlish, Plymouth, Bodmin, Honiton, Torquay, Hatherleigh and Bude.

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